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10 Ways to Improve Your Batting Skill

10 Ways to Improve Your Batting Skill

1. Focus on the ball

It is the most important and ignored tips of all which is ignored when a batsman is out of form. The main object to be in your attention is the ball, so keep your entire focus in the cricket ball as like a beam towards it. As a bowler delivers a ball, track it all the way from his hands so you don’t miss it.

2. Intent to score

Batting is fully about the intent to score runs from each and every ball. Always face a ball setting your head slightly forward in your stance and set your positive intent to score.

3. Look for space

Never look at the fielder while you bat instead look for the spaces on the field where you can hit hard. That way you can become aware of the areas where you can score runs.

4. Set smaller goals

The journey to 100 runs in not accomplished in just one ball. You have to try to attend one ball at a time. Make sure to be fully present with each ball you bat.

5. Get off-strike

Practice more in the nets often to know where your singles and rotation areas are so that you can get off strike easily and effectively.

6. Play to your strength

Learn what is your strength what you are good at and do only those things. Consider you are Front foot player then play it likewise if a Back foot player then plays it. Always stick to what you are good.

7. Loss of Form

When you lose your form just stay calm and go back to the basics. Always device your game plan and remind yourself of your strategy. Practice getting someone throw your favorite shot so you can get the feel of playing your number one stroke. Practice till you are able to execute it really well and then move on to your next favorite.

8. Remeber the goal

Always keep it simple, the main goal is to score runs without being get caught up in analyzing your batting technique. Regularly go through your checkpoints in practice to make sure your setup in the crease is good and then get busy with the job of scoring runs.

9. Body Posture

A poor body position in the crease can bring creep into your game. Check your grip, stance, and bat swing always. Make sure you remain balanced so that you can swing easily through the line of the ball. Keep on practicing your bat swing and visualize your favorite shots.

10. Stay Relaxed

Learn to manage your energy at the crease, make sure to relax whenever possible to conserve your mental energy. Step back between the balls and breathe easy this lets you focus more as it clears your mind. Batting is as much about managing the space between balls as it is about facing the next ball.



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