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5 Key Metrics to Improve Your Bowling Skills

5 Key Metrics to Improve Your Bowling Skills

1. Set your goals

You should be sure about what you want to make happen in your practice and in the match. Set challenging and achievable goals for each & every practice and match.

2. Build pressure

An over has six balls, so has to plan your over more appropriately. You want to build pressure when bowling to take a wicket during the spell. Always keep on building the pressure of your over as it brings the wicket down by making them make a sudden decision to play the wrong ball.

3. Know your role

Discuss what is your role and responsibilities for a match with your Captain and Coach. Be clear about it, if you aren’t comfortable with it, accept it as a job you need to do for your team. There will always be another game and an opportunity for a change of role, more to your liking in another game.

4. Body posture

Bowlers have to get their head and body slightly forward in their run up and your body angle wants to be leaning towards your target.

Keep your bowling hand close to your body as you run in and cock your wrist back a little. It keeps the energy of the delivery loaded close to your body and the wrist action gives added whip to the delivery.

5. Learn to control your stock ball.

You’re not a bowler unless you can land your stock ball consistently, practice it. Variation is a variation around your stock ball, it isn’t 6 different balls an over. Keep on practicing your spell until your perfect it.