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8 Wicket Keeping Tips From Team CricDost

8 Wicket Keeping Tips From Team CricDost

We would like to offer you eight important wicket keeping tips that can help you in practice.

Have a clear vision

As a wicketkeeper, you need to have a clear vision about your roles and responsibilities for each game you play. Set individual goals for training and match. Keep on practicing every aspect of keeping like standing behind the stumps, catching on the sides, using single and both hands.

Be a motivator of your team

You will be the center point for team performance, so you need to set a good tempo for your side in the fields. Stay ahead of the clock with the over rate, it is always an issue, particularly with T20 Cricket. Boost up your player’s confidence by encouraging them when they are under pressure.

Complete focus

Keep your eyes straight and focus on each ball that is delivered from the bowler’s hand. You might make mistakes sometimes, but don’t get distracted by them, stay focused and watch the next ball. Breathe easy and relax as much as you can to get relieved of tension and gain focus back.

Keep your hands wide open

Get down to the ball and keep your hands wide open to create a big space for the ball to land. Extend your hands out to reach the ball and receive its energy. Usually, you will be caught using your most dominant hand so watch for it. Be aware of where you catch the ball in your hand and closing it around the ball when gloving it.

Positioning slips

It is a wicketkeeper’s role to set the positions for the slips. The slips take their stand from you, so position them around you in such a way that you have room to dive and move. When you go for a catch, go for it with total commitment.

Diving for a catch

When you dive to catch a ball, push your head towards the ball first. A good head position gives your eyes and brain ideal information to get into the right position for the catch. When you dive to take a catch, either tuck your elbow under your body and roll or straighten your elbow to avoid getting hurt. You can also wear a long sleeve shirt to protect your elbows when diving for a catch.

Watch for the bouncing of a ball

Practice your focus watching the ball bounce by staying down and taking a good look at the ball. You can practice this by doing throw-downs or using a bowling machine if you have access to one. Keep practicing until the point, when you do not move until you have watched the ball bounce.

Practice Stumping

Try taking the ball up to the stumps and down the leg side. Practice this by placing a chair or long box in the way. Practice transferring of weight and sweeping your weight back to the stumps. Practice using a tennis or bouncy ball to perfect it and let your brain explore all the possible angles while playing this way.


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