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Amitabh Choudhary Has Been Issued A Show Cause Notice By CoA

Amitabh Choudhary Has Been Issued A Show Cause Notice By CoA

The Committee of Administrators (CoA) appointed by the Supreme Court has issued a show-cause notice against BCCI Acting Secretary Amitabh Choudhary because of his absence in the ICC and ACC (Asian Cricket Council) meetings earlier in the year.

It is reportedly believed that the CoA told Amitabh Choudhary, “It has now come to the notice of the Committee of Administrators that in the last meetings of the ICC and the ACC, not only did you not attend the meetings but kept the BCCI in the dark about your unavailability either until it was too late or altogether. Your aforesaid conduct left the BCCI unrepresented in the said meetings and exposed the organization to considerable risk.”

The ICC meeting was held in London between July 14 and July 20.

“The Committee of Administrators came to learn of your unavailability to attend the ICC Conference scheduled in London for the 14th July on 12th July when you merely forwarded your e-mail dated 12th July 2019 to ICC, informing the ICC of your unavailability for the said meetings. The short notice did not leave any room with the Committee of Administrators to appoint a replacement to attend the said meetings in London. Consequently, the BCCI was unrepresented in the board meeting of the ICC,” said the CoA.

The meeting of the Asian Cricket Council was held on September 3 in Bangkok for which the CoA had approved of Amitabh’s travel. “Again at the eleventh hour, you failed to attend the ACC meeting, leaving the interests of the BCCI unattended. You did not even deem it necessary to inform the Committee of Administrators of your unavailability to attend the said meeting. The Committee of Administrators learned of your unavailability, and that too without knowing the reason for the absence, from the Secretary of the ACC as you had mailed to him of your unavailability to attend. Thus, the BCCI learned from the ACC that its representative was not attending the meeting on the morning of the meeting,” says the CoA.

The notice goes on to say, “This was most humiliating for the Committee of Administrators and the organization. Besides the fact that in both the meetings the BCCI went unrepresented, its interests have been seriously compromised by your action.”

In light of these accusations and reprimands, Amitabh Choudhary has been given the time of seven days to respond to the notice.

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