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Mominul Haque walks the same line as Domingo regarding Bangladesh Test specialists

Mominul Haque walks the same line as Domingo regarding Bangladesh Test specialists

Recently appointed Test skipper Mominul Haque has echoed head coach Russell Domingo’s suggestions on needing structural changes to the national team for a more competitive run in international cricket.

After the Test in Indore, Domingo was frustrated and mentioned that structural changes were required in the side if Bangladesh were to be a greater threat in Test cricket which includes segregating players for Test and T20 cricket.

In the current Bangladesh set-up, apart from Mominul Haque, there aren’t any other cricketers considered as Test specialists, though there are a few in this squad who are regulars in Tests but also play in the shorter formats. New coach Domingo had, therefore, insisted that he needs to sit with the captain to separate players for different formats as he had seen there are some cricketers more inclined to play the two shorter formats than Test cricket.

Mominul Haque echoed the same sentiment while adding that it will take some time to reap the benefits in Test cricket from these kinds of structural changes. “If I have the chance to sit with the coach [for making plans of developing Test cricket by separating players for formats] then it’s certainly a positive thing,” he said after the loss on Saturday. “If that is the case, we won’t benefit overnight as it will take some time. We will have to pass the [transitional phase] patiently… and then after two-three years, I think, we can expect a positive outcome.

“It will certainly work better [for the team] because if you are thinking about only one format then you will try to stay focused in that particular format and automatically work on those things [how to excel in that format]. I think that should be the way, but it will certainly take some time,” he noted.

Mominul Haque stated that lack of Test cricket is taking a toll on Bangladesh as the team takes some time to adjust to the format coming from long breaks. “I think we have to play a lot of Test matches. If you see in the last seven months, we played only one or two Test matches. We did not play enough Test matches like the other teams. I think that’s the main reason for our failure.”

MominulHaque blamed for the embarrassing loss on the batting camp, noting that the batsmen lacked patience at different junctures of their innings. “Of course it was a threat [facing the Indian pace bowlers] but along with that, I think we failed as a batting unit. They are now the world’s No. 1 bowling side with the three-man pace attack but at the same time, we could not capitalize on our chances.

“The batting approach was right; I don’t think it was [the case of] wrong batting approach. Maybe we just needed to realize that we had to bat patiently against this opponent because they deliver the loose ball so rarely. So, we should have played more patiently, the players who play in the top-order.”

MominulHaque felt the visitors have a shot at leveling the series given that both teams are new to pink-ball cricket. “Neither they, nor we have played with the pink-ball before, so I think it is a new opportunity. There’s an excitement because we don’t know when we will get to play with the pink ball again. So I think it is a new opportunity. We’re excited.”

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