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Zampa and Kohli will meet again!

Australian leg-spinner Adam Zampa dismissed Virat Kohli with a twist from the wrist as he spun the ball with elan at the Wankhede ODI. While the delivery may not exactly be considered as a turn to remember, there is something certainly unnerving about it, as far as Kohli is concerned. Or so feels Zampa. His much-tested spin that varies in pace amongst the others, was driven back to the bowler for a sharp catch after a massive six hit.

Using an attacking approach, Kohli has been dismissed four times by Zampa, who also states that the back foot defensive mindset can be rather overwhelming and underperforming. While he also added that Kohli has struck gold against his bowling subsequently, there are times that it has affected the batsman.

Australia’s strategy this time around too would be, to begin with, the daunting leg-spin since Zampa has already performed the attack with some success in the past. The India Captain, he remarked, was also a great starter with the amount of positivity that he brought to the field. That is also the reason why Australia felt that it would be best to strategize their play against him.

Incidentally, Zampa was also praised by Kohli before the series, as having displayed immense faith and confidence in himself. Kohli felt that Zampa was constantly on the attack in spite of his balls being lifted towards the boundaries. Furthermore, Zampa was all praises for Ashton Agar as well, who took over from Nathan Lyon and managed to keep the field organized.