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Singapore and Hong Kong won through the Asia Cup Eastern Regional Qualifier.

Singapore and Hong Kong are the two countries that have been quite obscure when it comes to cricket.

The country has been part of the ICC since 1974 and is one of the founders of the Asian Cricket Council.

Currently, it is parked on the ICC World Cricket League Division Three, which is the topmost level in the WCL system.

Additionally, it has played in the ICC WC Qualifier several times, however not conceding any prominent progression.

Singapore’s Greatest rivalry is with its neighboring country, Malaysia.

They have an annual face-off in the Stan Nagaiah Trophy.

But what is noticeable is how competent they are growing to be, they are sitting in the third tier of Asian Cricket, which is just a level below the test teams.

On the other hand, Hong Kong has been an associate member of the ICC since 1969.

They’ve played their first ODI in the year 2004.

And, they were placed third in the Cricket WC Qualifier in 2014.

Not just that, They’ve gained T20 International Status by qualifying for the 2014 ICC World T20.

Hong Kong encountered a touch and miss situation when it reached the finals of the ACC Trophy when they had lost to the UAE.
In no time, both the countries will soon be leveling up from the third tier position.

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